Our Approach

Whether your motivation is to improve a problematic culture, nurture a new culture or take your business to the next level, a proactive and strategic approach to growing your workplace culture will help you cut through the noise and confusion to deliver on whatever aspirations you have as an organisation. We believe this so strongly, we built our business around it!

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Simple, Practical, Unique

We know complexity doesn't work. That's why at Culture by Design our approach to workplace culture is "keep it simple", with a system and tools that are easy to understand. 

But simple isn't enough. We've also worked hard to ensure all parts of the process are practical, from our assessment reports to our toolkits and workshops. After all, if you can't apply it, you can't benefit from it!

Finally, everything we do is with your uniqueness in mind. Your workplace culture is as unique as you are, and a generic approach isn't going to cut it.  That's why getting to know you is such a crucial part of the process. 


Your Own In-House Expertise

We don't believe in doing things to you, or even for you. Our business is built around the goal of developing your people to become your culture experts. When you're confidently and capably driving your own workplace culture and no longer need us, we'll know we've been successful. 


Industry Led

We take a proven, industry-based approach. Our system was not built by academics or management theorists. It was built by us, underpinned by sound research principles, but shaped and moulded by actual real-world experiences of what works and what doesn't in actual organisations. 

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