Inhouse Workshops and Sessions

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Not looking for a full culture roadmap? No problem, we also offer a variety of targeted solutions and can design specifically to meet your needs.
Our range of inhouse workshops and sessions are designed to be run with your people in your environment, and therefore are completely customisable. These currently include:

-  Explore your Culture workshops

-  Strategy Envisioned State sessions
-  Bringing Strategy to Life sessions

-  Values by Design development sessions

Leadership Capability
-  Leadership by Design workshops

-  JTI Personality based Team Development workshops (accredited facilitator)
-  TMI Personality based Team Development workshops (accredited facilitator)
-  Risk Team Development sessions (using the QO2 tool - accredited facilitator)
-  Team Charter workshops
-  Team Brand sessions
-  PDCA and Agile Scrum workshops (certified Professional Scrum Master as facilitator)

Process Improvement
-  Process Improvement workshops, using our own D4 process improvement model

-  Building Collaboration workshops for Leaders 

Internal Customer
-  Internal Customer Introduction sessions
-  Internal Customer/Supplier Mapping workshops

Continual Learning & Improvement
-  Building a Continual Learning & Improvement Mindset leader sessions & staff workshops
-  Developing your People workshops for leaders
-  Coaching workshops for building your own internal coaches


  • Like to know more? Request an information sheet on any of the above today. 

Not seeing what you're after? Give us a call and have a chat, there's a good chance we can build something to work with your unique requirements.