CbD Excellence Framework

Your framework for success

Creating a strategy is relatively straightforward. Executing a strategy on the other hand, is hard. That’s why so many organisations unfortunately fail to achieve their strategic goals. Our Culture Excellence Framework is designed to link directly into your strategy, clear the noise and create the best possible environment for you to do what you do best.

Often culture development focuses solely on the attitudes and behaviours that exist within an organisation. Aspects of an organisation’s infrastructure that can have a huge effect on culture are commonly left unaddressed. For example, if processes and systems are clunky and ineffective, the resulting frustration for everyone involved has a real and detrimental impact on culture.

That’s why our framework takes an integrated approach, addressing all the key elements within an organisation that have significant cultural impact – both good and bad.

Finally, we firmly believe that leadership capability across an organisation lays the foundation for all other aspects of culture. Without effective leadership, even the best efforts in other areas are likely to be ineffective. Hence why leadership capability underpins all other elements of our framework.

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CBD Excellence Framework