What a Day at the Office! Our Journey into Horse Facilitated Coaching

Pic Ingrid Marie 141217

On the 14th of December, Mary and I were fortunate enough to travel to Loburn (North Canterbury) and spend the afternoon in Ingrid Gunby’s “office” - thick green carpet, 360 degree uninterrupted views, great ‘air conditioning’ and a very open-plan feel. 

One of the great benefits Mary and I have experienced since we’ve been “calling our own shots” is the ability to meet some fascinating people and get to know some amazing and inspiring businesses. Ingrid’s business, Potent, qualifies as perhaps the most unique and intriguing thus far. 

In the course of 2016 a few trusted colleagues and contacts had mentioned Ingrid’s name to us, and that she works with horses to coach and facilitate great outcomes for individuals and groups. We were understandably curious, so when the opportunity presented we were both keen to find out how this whole thing worked.

What we discovered was a very passionate, down-to-earth, warm and knowledgeable practitioner with some very amazing business partners – that’s right, the horse is a partner in this work, not a tool to be used. 

Ingrid explained how she and the horse or horses work with the individual or group toward a variety of outcomes, from various forms of therapy at one end of the scale, right through to team and leadership development at the other. The horse serves as a partner who is completely non-judgmental (how many of us humans can say that), and can give immediate feedback in a safe and constructive environment. The concept, while taking a while to wrap your head around, is compelling.

 We will be exploring Potent’s offerings more in the New Year, and are excited by the possibilities for collaboration. Do check out the website at www.potent.co.nz . Go on, you know you’re curious!