Here are some of the topics that have been occupying our minds or just plain intriguing us lately, and that we thought you might like to hear about. We hope you find them valuable! 

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5 hot tips for Boards when recruiting & managing their CEOs

There are some stunning CEOs out there that are beloved by their employees, highly respected by their Boards and are truly inspiring leaders to the community at large.  Regrettably though, there are also some CEOs out there that significantly let the side down. It is well understood by many senior e...

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What a Day at the Office! Our Journey into Horse Facilitated Coaching

On the 14th of December, Mary and I were fortunate enough to travel to Loburn (North Canterbury) and spend the afternoon in Ingrid Gunby’s “office” - thick green carpet, 360 degree uninterrupted views, great ‘air conditioning’ and a very open-plan feel.  One of the great benefits Mary and I have exp...

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Time to get more agile?

Agile Scrum is no longer just for the benefit of Software teams. Project teams everywhere are starting to realise the significant benefits for themselves. Is it time you got in on the act?

Chalk and Cheese in the Office - should you go there?

Hi there, I’m an ISFJ. My business partner is an ENTP. Sound like gobbly goop? It’s the Myers Briggs way of saying we are both very, very different from each other. We think completely differently, we have completely different preferences, we make decisions, solve problems and deal with stress very ...

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