Here are some of the topics that have been occupying our minds or just plain intriguing us lately, and that we thought you might like to hear about. We hope you find them valuable! 

leadership capability
The Leadership Capability Equation

The core purpose of our business ‘Culture by Design’ is to partner with organisations in building cultural excellence that supports execution of key strategic goals for any organisation. The ‘why’ behind this is to ensure business success by way of increased market share, higher margins, lower cost ...

Trust Yourself
Low self-esteem – is it holding your business back?

I am proud to say that I am a survivor of low self-esteem. I am not “cured”. Certain situations still evoke that “what if they find out I’m a fraud” thinking. I expect this will probably always be the case. But these days I’m able to recognise those thoughts for what they are and have the tools to k...

Search for Holy Grail
Employer Branding - Search for the Holy Grail

Tips on how to identify an employer brand that is authentic to your organisation.  During almost the entirety of my many years tenure in the Human Resources profession, I was consumed with unrelenting curiosity on the concept of Employer Branding.  In past years, this fascination has led me to have ...

Helping Hands
Three Reasons to Resurrect the Internal Customer

Is the internal customer concept dead? This is a question I have found myself pondering lately, having been constantly surprised how few of the organisations we work with are aware of the term. For the sake of our organisations, their customers and the people who inhabit them, I sincerely hope not. ...

Customer Experience
The Customer Experience Revolution

In today’s world of unrelenting market competition more and more organisations are putting the external ‘customer experience’ at the heart of their business strategy. We know that thirty years ago if a person had a bad customer experience that person would potentially tell twenty people. With the cu...

Surviving Thriving 1st year
Surviving (& Thriving) in Your First Year of Business - 5 lessons from the school of hard knocks

The below lessons are not the result of quantitative analysis of 1200 small businesses across five continents (although those articles do exist and we encourage you to read them). This is our story – backed up by no more than our own scrapes, bruises and high-fives, having just survived our first ye...

black and white city man people
4 Truths & 1 Myth for Leaders dealing with workplace 'Hostage Takers'

It goes without saying that when an organisation wants to fundamentally change elements of workplace culture (e.g. robust process management, in-depth customer focus, collaboration across the organisation, introduce continuous improvement, etc.) to support strategy execution, there are many things t...

Food guy2
Free food can't buy a great culture!! (Part Two)

The good news is, there are some basics of great culture that your organisation can focus on, right now. We’ve identified four “heavy-hitters” which we believe should always be the starting point for any culture effort.

Food guy
Free food can’t buy a great culture!! (Part One)

And neither can a beach volleyball court, beer garden or wave pool for that matter…  Are you ready to scream next time you hear of an organisation showering their employees with ridiculously cool stuff and extravagant benefits? There are certainly no lack of examples, from Afar Media’s policy of pay...

Like a boss4
Six Truths About Leadership That Every New Leader Should Know

Are we doing enough to set up our newest leaders for success? As a starting point, here are six basic leadership truths we see tripping inexperienced leaders up every day. Wouldn’t it have been great if someone had told us this stuff on day one?

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