Your Business ROI

Taking the time to focus on, and build a strong, fit for purpose workplace culture is not just great for your people. It's smart business. 

A healthy aligned culture will lead to increased market share, a lower cost base from greater efficiency, and higher margins from value added customer solutions, built from in-depth customer insight. 

Check out Charlotte Walshe, CEO of Jade Software Corporation as she discusses these business impacts below:

With increased market share, lower cost base and higher margins you will ensure your business growth and increased profitability with protection against downward trend

The Stats

Of course there is now much research pointing to the bottom line benefits of a strong and healthy workplace culture. Here are a few of those studies that clearly demonstrate that link:


Since 2009, Fortune’s ‘Best Places to Work For’ companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 84.2%


While a similar portfolio of Glassdoor’s ‘Best Places to Work’ outperformed the overall stock market by 115.6%



In 2017 Culture Amp collected employee feedback from over 1,000 companies. They compared share price growth from across 2017, looking at three aspects they had measured – Engagement, product belief, and a combined measure of the two.

 The chart shows that the results linked these measures to higher share price growth.


John Kotter, world leading management guru and author of Corporate Culture and Performanceconducted a research project examining the cultures of 200 companies and how each organisation’s culture affected its long-term performance.  The results over an eleven-year period indicated that strong cultures that promoted adaption to a changing world are associated with strong financial results.  

With Acentia we’ve prioritised the key elements that research has shown repeatedly will create a strong, healthy and aligned culture. Because of that, we can have confidence that using Acentia to assist the growth of a strong workplace culture will help you create continued bottom line growth.

Read more about the return on an investment in your workplace culture in our white paper "Acentia – A Culture Excellence Framework that Delivers a Tangible Return to Your Business" 

Business situations that CbD can support you with

The below are some of the typical business situations that include culture challenges where we can offer support:

  • - Struggling to execute on strategy,
  • - Loss of market share,
  • - High cost base affecting profitability
  • - Growth - new team members, structures, sites etc. 
  • - Organisations wanting to take that next step from good to great
  • - Proactive CEO and Exec teams wanting their organisation to be 'fit' for any purpose
  • - Merger and acquisition situations

  • This list is non-exhaustive by any means. If you'd like to discuss your business situation, get in touch today