Times Up 7

A movement against sexual harassment in the workplace, Time's Up was founded by celebrities in Hollywood on 1 January 2018, and is fast becoming synonymous worldwide with a lack of tolerance for harassment, bullying and inequality at work.  The movement seeks safety and equality in the workplace, and while its focus is on the specific challenges faced by women, the unmistakable power of this movement sends a clear signal that it's time to say ENOUGH to all toxic behaviours that lead others to feel unsafe at work.

So how do you ensure you are creating a safe and equitable environment for your people, free from harassment and bullying?

It starts with the pillars of a strong, healthy workplace culture - specifically in the building of your leadership capability at every level, your values and associated behaviours, and your secret sauce - who you are and what you stand for as an organisation. 

In a strong, aligned, fit for purpose workplace culture, toxic behaviours are deprived of oxygen. You've created an environment where such behaviours have no place and cannot survive. 

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