A Case Study

Here's a case study of the journey taken by "Organisation X" (name withheld due to market sensitivities) that demonstrates the power that taking a proactive approach to your workplace culture can have - even when the starting point is fairly grim! 

This organisation is in the bio-medical technology sector, and at the time of our tale it had between 500 and 600 people spread between New Zealand, China, the US, the UK and Taiwan. 

Of course you don't need to wait until your workplace culture is in as bad a state as Organisation X before embarking on your own journey of culture development. The better state that your current culture is in, the easier your journey will be and the faster you can expect to see results. For this reason we encourage organisations to begin thinking proactively about their workplace cultures as early as they possibly can. 

If you're thinking about getting proactive with your workplace culture, ring us for a chat.