What's in a Name?

The Alpha Centauri star system

What's in a Name?

Acentia is here to light your way toward excellence in Workplace Culture. 
But where did the name "Acentia" come from? 

The word "Acentia" was derived from Alpha Centauri. "Alpha-what-now?" we hear you ask! 

Alpha Centauri (or 'α Cen' to you astronomy buffs) is the closest star and planetary system to our own Solar System, and just like Acentia, there is more to α Cen than first meets the eye...

Made up of three stars, the two largest appear to be one star to the naked eye, and the third brightest in the night sky. Alpha Centauri is a pointer star into the Southern Cross, arguably the most important navigational aid in the Southern Hemisphere. Like Acentia, α Cen lights the way. 

 But wait, there's more! 

  • Much has been theorised about the ability for a planet within the Alpha Centauri star system to potentially harbour life (known as a "Goldilocks planet", not too hot and not too cold!) placing it at the forefront of the wish-list for future space exploration. 
So we think Alpha Centauri is pretty special. From it's ability to have us thinking about exciting future possibilities, showing us the way and sending us soaring into the stars, Acentia's name-sake gives us big, beautiful shoes to fill. 

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