Applying Acentia High Res 1

Like all good relationships, it always starts with getting to know each other. We'll chat with you about your aspirations, goals and frustrations, so that we can customise a plan fit for your unique circumstances.

  1. A likely first step is to undertake an assessment of your workplace culture against our Acentia Framework, so that we're all on the same page about where your culture currently sits. Through this process we'll also work with you to understand what an "ideal culture' could look like, with your purpose, strategy, features and challenges in mind. 

  2. From here, we'll develop a customised roadmap for taking you from point A (current culture) to point B (ideal culture of excellence). 

  3. Now it's about action. We have toolkits ready to go for each of the Acentia Framework elements, and can customise these according to your needs.

  4. We’re with you every step of the way as you work through the different phases of implementation.

We can also offer toolkit solutions in isolation for specific elements of the Acentia Framework where you have particular needs but don’t require the full roadmap. You can check out a range of our inhouse workshops and sessions here.