The K9 Connection

K9 Connection 1

OK, it's no secret that at Culture by Design we love dogs. We just can't help it, they're such furry bundles of goodness! That means we look for any excuse to connect with K9's in our business - Culture by K9 Design? Well not yet, but maybe one day! 

Proud advocates of Dogs at Work
Dogs at Work

Having a dog around the office is not for every workplace granted, but it may be worth your consideration. 
The research is clear, a dog or dogs at work, if managed well, can lower stress levels and strengthen social connections, as well as lead to a number of other benefits. On occasion, we find it very beneficial to use our furry support crew in client sessions where stress and emotions are running high. Do not overlook the power of a bit of paw therapy!

Proud Supporters of Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust
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We are proud to support Dogwatch, an amazing local charity organisation in Christchurch that rescue and rehome abandoned pound pups. Looking for your next K9 friend? Check out the amazing dogs looking for forever homes on their website. 

Fighting Against Exploitation of Animals
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We are also opposed to the exploitation of dogs and other animals around the world - who isn't right! However, you cannot save the world in one go, so we focus on one specific cause at a time, and do what we can. If dogs are your thing, feel free to ask us where we're currently focussing attention.