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Workplace culture is a powerful force. It sets the tone and dictates behaviour, performance and success for your entire organisation. Developing culture can feel overwhelmingly complex, but it doesn't need to be. Let us show you how. 

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Acentia, our Culture Excellence Framework and System represents a new and integrated approach to culture development, and helps organisations to design an applied and practical culture strategy and deployment plan for continual culture growth.

We’re excited to introduce you to Acentia and would be even more excited to discuss how we can apply the Acentia system for your unique cultural requirements, so that you can drive a more successful and happier organisation.

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Workplace Culture in the Media

Bullying. Harassment. Toxic Workplace. Culture of Fear. We're seeing these words and phrases appear in our headlines on almost a daily basis. How do you safeguard your organisation?

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What Makes Us Different

Here are some key things that make us a bit different. If you also see these as important, we just might be the right partners for you...


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our approach

1. Our goal is to firmly place your people in the driver's seat

2. We take an industry-led, not theory-led approach

3. Our system and tools are simple and practical, because complexity doesn't work, and our approach is always with your uniqueness in mind

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